Monday, July 29, 2013


MCX COPPER TRADING:- Watch level 412 for up and 401.50 down. If 412 not break then price go down and we see 405 to 403 & 402, in down side 401.5 break then price go for 394 to 392. If 412 break then we see 414 to 415.50 but trade become volatile so watchful. These are weekly levels and target.  

Copper Calls: MCX Copper is trading rate at 408 for 30 August contract, We expeted Copper must touch the levels of 412, So you can buy Current market levels tgt 409, 410 and stay levels 406.

 Crude Trading Levels:- Watch 6174 & 6312 levels for trade If 6174 not break then price go for 6312 levels if that level break then more we see like 6370, if price not come down and trade upper side then more up we see Like 6400 to 6430. If 6312 not break then price go return to 6174 level so that one break then next is 6139 if that level also break then we see 6100 to 6078.

Crude advices: Crude on MCX is trading curretly 6210 with in august future contract . Now Day trader can buy it's current market levels and targtes 6225, 6240 stop loss 6180.


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