Monday, October 14, 2013

Over All Trend IN MCX Commodity Today

@ MCX Gold Msut touch the levels of 29300 today, If this will then return back then Close 28800. By the way MCX Gold will brek levels of 29300 then go up to 29500 over night.
- Buy Gold 28850 targets 29250..

@ Silver on MCX was open at 46700 on previous session and this is currently trading at 47650. at evening session we expeted Silver may touch the levels of 48000.
 - you can buy MCX Silver 47600 with in december future contract taregts 48000.

@ Copper MCX have moved 6 point from day yet. And It will touch the elvels of 453 end of the market. So you can buy Copper at 450 with in novemeber future contract taregts 453.


mcx tips today said...

Buy gold dec above 28650 tgt 28700/ 28800/ 28900 sl 28475

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mcx tips today said...

Buy gold dec above 29780 tgt 29820/ 29870/ 29950 sl 29650
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