Saturday, July 27, 2013

Election survey :: Who will Be Next Prime Minister in India

About a year away from elections. But the people who create just the prime minister elections? In whose power will? The mood of the people in the country to network Simdis IBN survey.

The survey revealed that none of the coalition government alone can not. UPA is directly visible damage. UPA seats is estimated between 149-157. NDA's condition improves before it is visible that seats between 172-180. However, the second team can be a kingmaker. When the UPA or NDA Government will become only get them with other parties.

Talking to other parties BSP 15-19 seats 22-28 seats Left parties, the Samajwadi Party 147-155 seats 17-21 seats and other parties are expected to meet. Other parties Trinamool Congress 23-27 seats 16-20 seats to AIADMK, JD-U and 15-19 seats 12-16 seats Biju Janata Dal, YSR Congress 11-15 seats, seats 8-12 Rashtriya Janata Dal , Telugu Desam Party Telangana state committee seats 6-10 to 5-9 seats.  

Who can become the Prime Minister?
Narendra Modi in response to this question, most people had already dwindled Populariti Rahul Gandhi.19 % considered the most suitable for the post of prime minister Narendra Modi & Only 12 % people are supported to Rahul Gandhi.With 6 per cent for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi are 5 per cent.


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