Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What to do in MCX Base metals Today

MCX Copper is looking down. The price of copper on the London Metal Exchange slipped to a low of 1.5 months. The price of copper has gone up under 6970 dollar. The same effect has been seen on other metals. In the domestic market copper has been decline of 0.3 per cent on MCX Copper is trading below Rs 430.

Although aluminum with a gain of 0.2 percent is trading at Rs 124.5. Nickel rose 0.3 percent in 1150 seems to be around Rs. Lead to marginal gains of 0.1 percent, but nearly 0.5 per cent growth in zinc came.

Trading In MCX  base metals today
- SELL COPPER Below 430.00 T1- 429.00, T2- 428.50, T3- 428.00 with SL- 432.20.
- MCX Zinc (August futures): Sell - 140.8, stoploss - 142 and the target - 138.5.


Friday, July 18, 2014

MCX Calls for best Investmnet

@ Day Trader can Sell MCX Gold near at 28,050 with in august future contract targets 27,950 to 27900 stop loss 28,151.

@ Intraday MCX Silver trader can sell Silver near at 45,200 with in september contract targets 44950, 44800 stop lsos 45471.

@ Sell Nickel above 1125 taregts 1118, 1114 sl 1131.

@ Sell Crudeoil at 6250 targets 6220, 6204 sl 6299.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Over All Trend IN MCX Commodity Today

@ MCX Gold Msut touch the levels of 29300 today, If this will then return back then Close 28800. By the way MCX Gold will brek levels of 29300 then go up to 29500 over night.
- Buy Gold 28850 targets 29250..

@ Silver on MCX was open at 46700 on previous session and this is currently trading at 47650. at evening session we expeted Silver may touch the levels of 48000.
 - you can buy MCX Silver 47600 with in december future contract taregts 48000.

@ Copper MCX have moved 6 point from day yet. And It will touch the elvels of 453 end of the market. So you can buy Copper at 450 with in novemeber future contract taregts 453.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Commodity markets have risen from weak rupee @ Gold Silver Perfect Levels & Techncial Calls for Today

Continuing weakness in the rupee has got the commodity market support. In red we see is seeing a rise in base metals, Precious metals now.

With a gain of 0.3 % MCX copper is trading at Rs 466 Aluminum 0.2 % and 0.3 percent MCX nickel and zinc has gained 0.3 percent. Although lead has weakened 0.1 percent in previous moment for today.  

MCX Gold silver are going also positive direction now, but both precious metals like gold silver are trading Green zone.

MCX Gold Perfect Levels:-
Watch 30544 level for trade today, If 30544 break then price go up and try to break 30694 level if that level break then we can see 30800 to 30928  in up move watch 30965 level . If that level break then more up side we can see like 31000 to 31150 & more.

If 30694 not break then price go down and try to break 30374 level so watch that level if break then price go down and try to break 30105 level if that level break then more dips we can see like 30000 to 29850.  

MCX Silver Technical Levels:-
Watch 50850 & 51750 level for trade, If 50850 not break then price go up and try to break 51750 level so watch and trade 51750 break then price go  for 52165 level if that one break then price go for 52592 level so watch that level if break then chance to see 53000 level break.

 If 51750 not break and 50850 level break then price go down for 50550 and after this go for 49956 level if that one break then more dips we can see like 49600 49500 & 49434.

Gold Silver Calls:-
Gold: Inytraday trader can buy MCX Gold at around 30350 with in oct future contract targets 30450.

Silver: Silver Trader can buy Silver when its come down at RS 51000 and targets 51300.

Attention : Eye on news, two comes and one is left So it's RBI news that effective.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

MCX Commodity Intraday & Positaional Free Calls Today

Gold: MCX Gold is seeing bearish, We can't say that is bearish or bullish, But It will turn to bearish fast, Intraday trader can buy it at around Rs 30300 and targets  30500 for the day. But here are not necessary stop loss, if any one Can't trade without stop loss then you can take stop loss 30200.

All positional trader Can buy gold when it's come down at around Rs 30200 and targets can take above at 31500.  

Silver: MCX Silver is seeing bearish zone today, but we expected it must go up now, so all intraday trader should alert now. You can buy Silver when it's cone down 51700 targets 52200.

 Positional trader Can sell it's at around 52500 with in December future contract targets 51000 for one week hold.  

Crude oil: Sell MCX Crude oil at around 6870 with in September contract targets 6840 stop loss 6900.

Copper:- Buy Copper Nov above 464 targets 467 stop loss 461.

Monday, September 9, 2013

How Will Open Commodity MCX Gold Silver On tomorrow(Tuesday) for Trading

Today is commodity market close, because festival Ganesh Chaturthi, So firstly i am wishes Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all. All traders and investors are wondering how the commodity markets will remain open Positive or negative market trend for tomorrow and remain objective on yesterday.
Free Gold Calls

I am Discuss about commodity market mcx bullion,  Firstly i am talking about Precious metals like gold and silver. MCX Gold will be open positive zone 50-100 point above due to previous close that means it may be open near to 31900 to 3200. We expected gold highest levels of tomorrow will beat at around 32300, while lower levels it may touch 31750. you should trade between both levels.

MCX Silver is also will open negative zone on yesterday. However you can turn to selling side at intimidate. We experted MCX Silver may open at around 54600 to 54700. Silver must touch levels 55300 on higher zone, while 53500 on lower zone.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rupees recover Commodity Gold silver Broken today

Indian Rupees has Recovers against the us dollar. In fact MCX Gold silver sharp decline today. MCX Gold Rupees after recovery from lower levels around 2 per cent has come down to Rs 33,600. Silver also declined strongly. MCX silver 3 per cent has come down to Rs 55 500.

 Now We are expected silver must touch the 55000 lower levels, So you can sell at current market zone 55,500 targets 55400, 55300 stop loss 55700.  

Gold on MCX also trying to continue fall and exception is that it may touch the 33000 lower end. Sell Gold at around 33500 targets 33400.

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