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How to Earn Profit From Commodity Market :: Day Trading Rules

In our country, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the futures market have allowed the FMC over 25 exchanges, exchanges NCDEX and MCX are but two of many businesses. Although many futures traders in heavy losses after strong losses country has increase more suicides. Here we tell you to do certain things if follow these comply in futures trading is more likely to benefit.
Indian Trading Rules
Accurate Planning:- The Commodity Futures Trading in every single detail about what you should do. In the case of agricultural commodity production, demand and supply information, the flow of agricultural produce, weather information and forecasting, how about cropping, crop harvest each time an assessment of the situation and how to market. In the case of metal production, export and use in industry and depth of information to study. Fluctuations in commodity & demand in the off-season and how the season will go out and supply information about how the business should be etc. If you are going to do business with the supply situation in the commodity, futures and spot prices of demand and keep an eye on the difference. Besides the domestic market will see how the international production. Will be sought. State law will not pose difficulties.  

Who dominates the market: - Market always kept eye & Learn how many people in the market and are always in the spot market and the stock status of goods. Who is who increasingly dominate the market or bear? Please be aware that the position in the market who have dominated the market.  

Identify the risks: - Keep in mind the Commodity Golden  Rules of business and could not forget the strength to bear the risk. The difference between spot and futures prices, delivery period, keeps in mind the percentage of profit and loss. How to deal or how much damage can earn profits, keep an eye on. Profit loss limits and deeply learn the rules of the Exchange. Learn the value of your contract. What is the margin of a contract? Limit of contract. Understand the importance of his contract. How much does the bond exchange and how it will be, make sure that the calculations. Understand the interpretation of delivery. Learn how prices are determined at the same time. How many day to day delivery and what is already in place and the settlement date information.  

Broker: - How to market your broker's reputation, its financial situation, how is works or not being cautious at the time of delivery. How is the business broker? How long is the broker in this business? Broker Exchange member or Register. Only subscribers to the broker does business or maintains its own stand also hold business dealings. Broker margin money exchange places at the right time or not. How does Broker brokerage. Your broker can not meet the requirements of your business. You can give each service maintains the infrastructure or not. No matter what your broker but keep their businesses in a range. You decide yourself whether you want to play long term or short term. Listen carefully to the words of experienced traders and their stay in touch.  

Stop loss and profit: - Futures trading should fix the time limit stop loss and profit. When you do business with confidence in business hand holding only the power equation. Each contract binds to stop and play and transactions in financial propriety. The average of the average business does not bring in new business and a different set for each contract. Average losses accumulate heavy blow to the end and breaks your guts. Not due to the average turnover of the game. No more business to their financial limits. Margin of its capital to 40/50 per cent as a protected reserve. Control yourself to keeping the business. Anyone can say or to do business based on market rumors. Monitor the activities of market transactions. Constantly having to constantly review the deals. Modify them to notice the mistake. This kind of self-review system will get you more confidence and opportunities to become successful in the futures market. Past experience, observation errors to get the right knowledge to play the new tables. To respect the different views from their own.

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