Friday, April 19, 2013


~ Do not trade with hesitance, over confidante. You may incur small but repeated losses if you are frightened of the markets if you are openly courageous and risky.
Trading Strategy

~ Be patient when your trade location is moving in the correct predictable direction to extract maximum gains and make sure the gains by improvising the stop loss level, time and again.

 ~ You should not discuss your open position with all. If you discuss then you will confuse more, as all would air their own views on the same and many a times, would make your trade decision seem as stupidly and hurriedly taken.  

~ Doesn’t trade if you are not mind free- many traders and investors, because of their daily habits trade even when there is no time to buy or short. Generally such condition arrives after a sharp rise or decline when stocks are adjusting.

 ~ Don’t expect income on Every time- If you are think smart trader who can make profit on every trade, you are wrong. You should always be flexible and accept the information as soon as you understand that you are on wrong side of the trade.


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